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Acro Dance
+ Preschool Tiny Tumblers

AcroDance is a style of Acrobatics used specifically for dancers. It seamlessly fuses elements of lyrical gymnastics tricks, balancing, tumbling, and jazz.

Tiny Tumblers focuses on balance, coordination and foundational skills to develop strength and flexibility, while having a lot of fun!


Ballet is a form of dance, often used as a foundation for any serious dance genre. It is known for aesthetics and rigorous training. Students at Driftwood follow a British ballet syllabus from the Royal Academy of Dance

Hip Hop

Hip Hop dance is a form of street dance performed to Hip Hop music. It includes a wide variety of styles, such as locking + popping, breaking + stalling.   It has evolved into a more commercial form, picking up large elements of Jazz.


Jazz dance has much of its roots in the music, which inspired it. It has many branches, including Broadway, commercial, and modern. It can be heavily syncopated and unpredictable, fast or slow, with dynamic use of body shapes and timing.

Lyrical Jazz

An offshoot of Jazz, the tempo is often slowed to become dreamlike, with a focus on grace. Lyrical jazz generally tells a story, allowing dancers to use their body as narration.


Modern dance was originally created to rebel the strict rules of ballet. With a feeling of freedom (no shoes), and less emphasis on rotation (a cornerstone of ballet), modern dance allowed new and different ways to express emotion.
Contemporary is seen as a ‘modern’ view on modern dance; it varies by choreographer, and the choreographer’s influences.


A program focusing on dancing, stage performance, and drama, utilizing the element of lip syncing.  Stage encourages students to develop confidence in the performative arts, make friends, and have great fun!


Students of Tap will explore many patterns and speeds while learning a large vocabulary of unique steps. Dancers will focus on refining their footwork, improving their balance and sharing space and rhythms with fellow tappers. Tap dancing is also a wonderful way to learn improvisational skills!


Young dancers are introduced to multiple styles of movement through imagination activities using themed music, storytelling and prop aids. Students are led through a well-balanced class with plenty of opportunity for self-expression.

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2018 – 2019 Class Schedule

Have you heard about our Performing Companies and Half Day Programme?

Driftwood Performing Companies

The Driftwood Performing Company introduces dancers to the demands and opportunities of the pre-professional dance world.

  • Students are expected to meet a minimum requirement of technique and conditioning classes during the week, in addition to designated Company hours where the group focuses on learning and developing choreography.
  • Members agree to uphold the behaviour of a role model; showing respect for themselves, each other and the studio.
  • The Company is responsible to each other, by developing teamwork, building trust and celebrating achievements.
  • They are given the possibility of developing solo, duo or small group works with other members to perform at community events, special occasions, and eventually Festivals and Competitions.
  • As the Company grows into the 2018/2019 Season, there are plans to divide the number of members into multiple groups, allowing more intense focus based on experience and skill level.

Please contact the office about more information, and audition dates for next year’s program.

Driftwood Half-Day Program

For students applying for the Peak Performance & Pursuit (formerly Super Achievers) Programs of North and West Vancouver secondary school programs.  These are designed for students working towards their highest level of dance education and performance.


Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday 
1:45 – 3:00pm Modern Education Mapping Ballet Ballet Modern
3:00 – 4:00pm Choreography Career Planning PBT/Pointe Health Sciences


  • Successful applicants study ballet and contemporary modern technique and repertoire, basic anatomy, prevention of dance injury, and mental heath awareness in performing artists.  They use Progressing Ballet Technique to condition specific muscles for classical dance training, and utilize study periods for future planning, academic review, and personal work.
  • Students supplement their half day hours with after-school training, pursing an examination in either the Royal Academy of Dance (ballet) or Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (modern) syllbi.
  • Students may also become Company members.


Adult Programs

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