student behaviour policies

Student Behaviour Policies

Driftwood Dance Academy expects the following from all students enrolled

1. Respectful and Appropriate Behaviour

All students must conduct themselves in a dignified and respectful manner before, during, and after class.

Behaviours not tolerated include

– horseplay
– unsportsmanlike remarks or actions
– inappropriate language
– offensive and hurtful comments, either about others or oneself.

Issues may be recorded and dealt with at the school’s discretion.

Students will also follow specific class dress codes, including hair management (pulled back and off the face at all times), shoes, and tasteful warm-up apparel.  No gum chewing.

2. Commitment

All students must be committed to their classes, examinations, presentations and performances. Families must also commit to supporting their child’s studies at Driftwood Dance Academy.

It is up to the family to notify Driftwood Dance Academy in advance of any upcoming absences. Students will be allowed 3 non-medical absences per class, per term, after which the student’s class enrollment will be called into review.

If a student feels they cannot participate due to illness or injury, they are encouraged to attend and observe class unless they are physically unable to come to the studio.  Documentation may be requested in support of medical circumstance.

3. Punctuality

All students must arrive on time and prepared for each class. If a student is late, they must make their presence known by knocking on the studio door, and wait until they are invited to join the class by their teacher. It is at the teacher’s discretion whether or not the child may be asked to participate in the class as regular, or perform alternative exercises in order to train safely.

If tardiness becomes a consistent issue, the concern will be brought to the Directors’ attention, who then reserve the right to make changes as they see fit.

4. General Studio Etiquette

All students will follow rules regarding food and drink, personal items and valuables, inclusion of fellow students and respect for teachers and staff. There will be no food or drink, other than water, in the dance studios. The fridge and microwave are available to all members, but will be cleared at the end of each day.

Students are encouraged to keep valuables at home, and neatly store their personal items in the changeroom, as it is a shared space for everyone. No ‘borrowing of others’ things without permission. The studio is not responsible for missing effects.

Students will value their classmates and treat them with kindness and respect. This attitude will extend to teachers and all staff members. Issues with this rule will be recorded and dealt with appropriately.