Brain Dance

Interdisciplinary Approaches at Driftwood Dance Academy

Driftwood Dance Academy is a proud advocate of, and utilizes BrainDance in many of our classes, from early childhood learning to adult movement re-patterning.

“Developed by Anne Green Gilbert, the BrainDance is a series of exercises…comprised of eight developmental movement patterns that healthy human beings naturally  move through in the first year of life.

“…Cycling through these patters at any age…has been found to be beneficial in organizing our central nervous system.

“The Dance is an excellent full body and brain warm-up for children and adults and can be done in any setting…It is a centring body/brain movement tool for brain reorganization, oxygenation and recuperation.  The BrainDance prepares us for learning and helps us with appropriate behaviour and social skills.”

– Taken from The Creative Dance Centre Home Page

Dance for Babies!

Intuitive Learning at Driftwood Dance Academy

From the BrainDance example, we utilize the following patterns in all genres of dance (supported by

AS! BC BrainDance Poster

– breath

– tactile

– core-distal

– head-tail

– upper-lower

– bodyside

– cross-lateral

– vestibular